About SmartCrowding:

  • SmartCrowding is a solution that reduces overcrowding by giving decision support and patient flow prediction
  • Right competence at the right time
  • Predictable decision making support points
  • Shared situational analysis and understanding of roles, responsibility and the values comprised
  • Improving shift planning by predicting patient peaks and lows so that the staff can be redirected to the department that needs more attention
  • Provide Trust, Quality, Efficiency and Responsiveness to all stakeholders and users
  • An integrated decision support solution all departments in the hospital
  • Reducing resource overhead by giving patient flow statistics and predictions
  • Increasing the quality of services offered at hospitals by giving better decision support and awareness
  • Process and technology based
  • A modern solution available on both web and apps.

The backbone of Smart Crowding is using .NET components, SQL Server and Windows Communications Foundation REST – full services. This enables the system to be flexible in terms of the presentation surfaces (phone, tablets, etc.). Having a solid database transaction structure enables a high level of concurrency and robustness of data.