Smart Crowding

Mitigating Crowding

Intelligent decision support for hospitals


SmartCrowding provide hospitals with
an intuitive and smart solution
for mitigating crowding and providing support to decision-making in complex situations

Known problems in the Health sector/Hospitals


  • The consequences of hospital overcrowding range from reduced quality of the medical service, to low efficiency, poor resource management and a decrease in the patients’ trust in the care system. Although reducing patient overflow is a global challenge, today’s technology can provide a more structured solution to this issue.
  • Occupancy levels above 92,5% represent a patient risk and can increase the mortality rate by up to 30%. SmartCrowding can easily supply reports and analysis which can prepare medical institutions for tending to a larger number of patients than usual.
  • Often times, delayed critical interventions and increased complications prolong hospital stays. This affects both the patient and the institution, as it leads to higher costs. The solution we developed can help save funds which can, later on, be invested in more valuable resources for the institution.


A tool for clinical personnel and leaders for supporting the operational values: Trust, Qualiy, Efficiency and Responsiveness.


Cross department overview on activity levels and help for managers direct their resources efficiently towards crowded departments.


Providing statistical prediction support using historical data from the system.


Predictive support utilizing historical data and external data such as weather forecast, public events and holidays.


SmartCrowding helps reduce peaks of activity level (i.e. beds occupied) in hospital wards and thus reducing the risk of fatalities and negligence.


Improving shift planning by predicting patient number fluctuation so that the staff can be redirected to the department that needs more attention.